The next 13th and 14th of December we will hold in our facilities in Vigo the kick-off meeting of the project “Speak App!

Tools for Oral Communication in Foreign Languages”, funded under the ERASMUS+ programme in the area of strategic partnerships in adult education.

This new 24-month project aims to improve oral communication skills of adults in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and German), through the development of training materials and the promotion of the interaction between users, which will be supported by an open-access and free online platform and a mobile application that will allow users to increase their skills in oral communication in a foreign language, while reinforcing their linguistic skills through contact with other users.

Grupo Método is a leading partner in this new initiative, which involves three other entities with extensive experience in the field of training and promoting foreign language communication from the United Kingdom, Austria and Portugal.

This will enable us to continue to reinforce our bet on the ERASMUS+ programme and the development of innovative solutions in the field of training, while strengthening our network of collaborators at international level.

Speak App