The project “Speak App” and aims to develop educator´s competence on how to provide high quality training about oral communication techniques in foreign languages. The results of the research phase – both the respective national research based on problem centred expert interviews with language teachers as well as the desk research under a more general European perspective – serves as foundation for the development of innovative online tools.
In order to assess specifically how oral communication in a foreign language can be facilitated, with special focus on the supportive use of ICT, we conducted expert interviews with language teachers. By interviewing teachers that are supposed to efficiently work with the products devised by our project, we ascertained how an online course/web application could support the learning process of communicating in a foreign language. Additionally, interviewing language teachers provided us with first-hand knowledge of teaching a foreign language as professional practice. The analysis of their experiences helps us to define the key features of the web application.
The interviews focused on the following topics:
• Main needs, obstacles and barriers that discourage adult learners from being verbally active in the learning process of a foreign language
• Potential ideas, suggestions or successful approaches that can help mitigate such issues
• Experiences in the provision of oral communication trainings in foreign languages in an virtual environment.

You can check the results in here:

Analysis expert interviews